Workmanship Guarantee terms and conditions

The Master Electricians Workmanship Guarantee issued by Master Electricians is subject to the terms and conditions set out below:

1    This Guarantee applies to residential prescribed electrical work undertaken by the Master Electricians members only.
The member must have been engaged by the homeowner at the time of the work being carried out and their contact information listed on the invoice.

The guarantee does not apply to residential work that has been undertaken by a developer, included in a commercial contract or arranged by a third party.

   Where a consumer is dissatisfied with the standard of workmanship and provides a written complaint to Master Electricians in an appropriate format, Master Electricians will investigate and provide the consumer with a written assessment of the quality of workmanship and advice as to whether or not further work is required to complete or remedy the work. Master Electricians undertakes to investigate the matter fairly to achieve a satisfactory outcome for the consumer.

If the complaint is upheld, Master Electricians may, in its discretion, seek to have any work remedied by the original contractor or another nominated member as per the terms and conditions. If the claim is not upheld, Master Electricians will inform the claimant and the member of the outcome and the claim will be closed. The decision of Master Electricians is final and no further appeals will be considered.

3    From 1 January 2017, the workmanship guarantee is increased from $10,000 to $20,000. The $20,000 workmanship guarantee applies to work completed on or after 1 January 2017. The $10,000 workmanship guarantee remains for work completed before 1 January 2017.

4    This Guarantee does not extend to:

  • occurrences that would normally be indemnified under usual householders’ insurance, professional indemnity, public liability insurance held by the member or any other forms of insurance;
  • unpaid contracts;
  • disputes under the Construction Contracts Act 2002; and
  • any claims that have already been lodged with any statutory bodies as these are already subject to legal process.

5    The Guarantee does not cover work or alterations carried out subsequently by other parties to the original contractor’s work to complete or extend the original project scope.

   Any claim under the Guarantee must be brought within 12 months from either the date of completion of contract work or the date given on the Certificate of Compliance (CoC), whichever is the later.

7    Any claim under this Guarantee shall include such supporting documentation as Master Electricians shall reasonably require.

8    Inspection report findings and any recommendations provided are the opinions of Master Electricians Assessor(s) and/or the Disputes Committee of the Master Electricians Council, made to the best of their knowledge, experience and on information supplied by both parties. The report findings and any recommendations are to be used only by the consumer for the purposes of this claim procedure and may not be relied upon by any other person or used for any other purpose.

Neither Master Electricians Assessor(s) nor the Master Electricians Council, its Disputes Committee or its employees accept any liability for the opinions provided therein. If, as a consequence of the consumer using these materials in an unauthorised way, Master Electricians or any such other person suffers a cost, loss or liability, the consumer will to the fullest extent indemnify Master Electricians or that person for that cost, loss or liability.