Workmanship Guarantee claims process

Making a claim

When a formal claim is received, including a completed Workmanship Guarantee claim form, Master Electricians will inform the member of the claim and consider whether it falls within the scope of the Guarantee and its terms and conditions. A copy of the invoice must be provided, along with the contract if one has been formally entered into.

The Guarantee applies for a period of 12 months from either the date the contract work was completed or the date given on the Certificate of Compliance (CoC), whichever is the later. The onus of proof of invoicing rests with the consumer.


If the claim is accepted, Master Electricians will appoint an assessor through the relevant local branch, who will make arrangements for an inspection and site meeting with both parties. This will be arranged as soon as is reasonably practicable, but is largely dependent on the assessor’s availability.

Following the site visit, the assessor will prepare an inspection report outlining the findings. Copies of the report relating to the complaint about the work will be provided to both the consumer and the member.

Result of assessment

If the claim is upheld under the Guarantee terms and conditions and the report findings require remedial work to be undertaken by the member, the local branch will inform the member accordingly and arrange for the work to be done by that person.

Investigation and remedial costs are met by Master Electricians up to the value of $20,000 including GST. Master Electricians will ensure the remedial work is done, and will use an alternative member if appropriate.

If the claim is not upheld, the claimant and the member will be advised accordingly and the claim will be closed.

The Guarantee does not affect the rights of the consumer under the Consumers Guarantee Act 1993.

Substandard workmanship outside the Guarantee

In some cases, a claim in respect of substandard workmanship does not fall within the Guarantee, but is within a period of 12 months from the date the contract work was completed or the date given on the CoC. For example, the work may have cost over $20,000. Master Electricians undertakes to investigate such claims, at its discretion, to achieve a satisfactory outcome for the consumer.


See the Workmanship Guarantee full terms and conditions.