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On the Road with Master Electricians

On the road with Master Electricians

We have cancelled our 2022 On The Road series of national events.

We took on members’ concerns about attending business events of this nature in the current traffic light settings and we appreciate how much impact catching Covid, or being a close contact of a positive test, would have on members’ staffing arrangements and businesses.

So, instead of On The Road, we are going to run a series of interactive, online education seminars that will cover a range of technical and business subjects, and that will be hosted by a variety of subject matter experts.

It will be an On The Road-type experience and learning opportunity, but without the risks associated with Covid.

We hope to kick-start these seminars in March and run them every month throughout the year.   

If you have any thoughts about what kind of subjects and content you’d like covered during these seminars, just email and we’ll see if we can include your suggestions in our schedule.

We’ll email you and send social media alerts to promote each seminar and tell you how to register to attend.

We look forward to seeing you online soon.