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Master Electricians are excited to introduce Katie Bollond as our very first female Branch President.

Katie is the new President of our Taranaki Branch. Katie, who was born and bred in New Plymouth, has owned Taranaki Electrical Services with her husband Jonno for the past three and a half years.

Although Katie is not an electrician, she has been in the electrical industry for 17 years. She started in the office of an electrical firm at age 18 and went on to manage several other electrical businesses.

Katie says she fell into the industry but loved it from the get-go.

“I love working alongside tradies and their approach to work which is to go out and fix things. There is always room for learning and upskilling as the work never stops coming in. I also take huge pride in being a woman and having sound electrical knowledge in a typically male-dominated industry.”

It means a lot to Katie to be the first female Branch President and she hopes to set an example for other women.

“It means a lot to represent the amazing ladies out there working as electricians. There is a common theme of the electrical industry being a man’s job.”

“Times have changed. I hope I can show other females out there that we truly can do anything.”

Katie believes some minor changes would attract more women to the industry.

“I have a few ideas up my sleeve including in-house networking for women, and more training and marketing targeted towards women. The “Beer and BBQ” scene, or the “win a Swandri” lacks appeal. I have encouraged local wholesalers to have a “girls night” for training and at least have a bottle of wine or two at their barbecues.”

Katie’s favourite thing about the job is the people.

“I love my team. I love my working environment. I think having a solid work family is crucial. I’m with these people more than my own family.”

Outside of work you will find Katie spending time with her husband, and two children, Arna 9 and Jake 5. She even illustrates children’s books.

“It’s fair to say I’m busy. My life is full but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”