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Apprentices are the lifeblood of our electrical sector. With unprecedented demand nationwide, the need for enthusiastic, smart, and motivated apprentices has never been greater.

But the challenge for many electrical firms is the ongoing uncertainty fuelled by the global COVID-19 pandemic, creating uncertain workflows due to the threat of lockdowns, and disrupted supply chains. If you employ your own apprentice will you have enough work, and cash flow, to keep them on?

Etco, the Electrical Training Company, addresses both those challenges.

But don’t just take our word for it. Watch the video endorsements from apprentices and hosts talking about how Etco has energised their careers and businesses.

As New Zealand’s largest training provider in the electrical sector, we employ more than 930 Etco apprentices, and more than 1600 other apprentices use us as their off-tools training provider (as of September 2021).

We carefully screen all our apprentice applicants, and those who meet our standards go on to complete our ELITE initial industry induction training programme, meaning they’re ready to contribute from their first day on the job.

And because we employ our apprentices directly, that reduces costs, risk, and stress for our host companies. We cover all our apprentices’ training costs, sick leave, and holiday pay, and provide free Southern Cross health insurance. We have state-of-the art training centres nationwide and our apprentices can access all their learning materials online, wherever they might be.

In other words, choosing to host an Etco apprentice is one of the smartest moves any electrical business can make.

Apprentices and hosts both receive a wide range of unique Etco benefits:

Benefits of the etco apprentice training program

Want to know more?

Visit the etco website or call 0800 275 382.