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The highest percentage of suicides (6.9%) in employed men were working as construction and trade workers, according to the Health Quality & Safety Commission’s 2016 Suicide Mortality Review Feasibility Study.

To combat those deplorable statistics, Master Electricians has launched a new Employment Assistance Programme (EAP) that will provide comprehensive support to those who are struggling with their mental health. We call it Master Electricians Wellbeing Support.

Utterly confidential and completely anonymous, all sessions with Instep EAP’s network of specialists (located right across New Zealand) are private and personal.

What is EAP?

EAP is a confidential way in which you can seek support on things that may be worrying you. Such issues may include personal/work relationships, separation/divorce, anger, grief, stress, depression, anxiety, drug, alcohol and gambling concerns.

Instep EAP will tailor support to an individual’s specific situation, identifying which local professional counsellor, psychologist, therapist, or coach is the best fit – all of whom have at least five years’ experience.

Instep EAP sessions can be conducted online or face-to-face, with members eligible to attend up to three paid sessions.

Who can access this support?

All Master Electricians members and their staff have access.

How to access this support

You can call 0800 284 678 or book an appointment online.

Master Electricians Wellbeing Scheme flowchart explaining how to access support