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About us

Master Electricians is the professional trade organisation for electrical contracting businesses in New Zealand. Our membership is made up of over 1100 businesses across the country who we actively support and advocate for.

As New Zealand’s only electrical contracting trade organisation, we communicate with government, regulatory bodies, industry stakeholders and the public over a wide range of topics specific to the industry. We also collaborate with our fellow trade membership organisations to band together to work with government and other regulatory organisations on the critical issues in the construction industry.

We offer business advice as well as discount offerings, striving to see our new membership increase. Our passion is to help our member businesses succeed and grow.

With the support of our future plans, Regional Managers based around the country, and new initiatives always in the works there is great scope for growth in the coming years. We are finding new ways of engaging businesses which, in turn, sparks great interest in what else we can offer. Our focus will remain centred on ensuring that we are relevant to the new business owner and making sure that being a member of Master Electricians is always front of mind.

Members operating under our Master Electricians brand can safeguard the quality of their workmanship, providing extra assurance to customers.

Master Electricians owns etco (the Electrical Training Company Limited), which was established in 1991 to employ and train apprentices. Master Electricians’ legal name is Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand but now wholly operates under the Master Electricians brand.

Industry representation

Master Electricians provides a voice for its members where it sees opportunities to advocate for change.

It’s our job to keep up to date with what’s happening in the industry on behalf of our members. We work with government agencies, non-government organisations and training providers to make a difference for our members and the electrical contracting industry.

Representation ranges from joining social media campaigns about sub-standard products, to commenting, consulting and participating in formal submissions to Parliament for changes in acts or regulations.

We constantly monitor relevant standards and regulations, reporting back on changes and providing support and resources where necessary. Master Electricians members give up their time to sit on standards sub-committees.

Who we work with

We work with a range of industry and trade-related organisations to make submissions and develop resources. We take the lead, provide input or collaborate with others, depending on the topic.

For example, in 2016 we joined with Master Plumbers to highlight the problem of sub-standard products being supplied and installed in New Zealand homes.

Our structure

Master Electricians consists of the Board of Directors, National Presidents Advisory Forum and ten branches nationwide. Day-to-day operations are managed from the National Office based in Wellington, with support from four Regional Managers.

Bernie McLauglin was appointed CEO of Master Electricians in 2017. Prior to taking this role, he was the Operations Manager, having joined the organisation in 2012 after a history of running his own electrical contracting business.

The Board has responsibility for the corporate governance and organisational direction of Master Electricians. Its comprises of six members and the majority of directors are nominated and elected from the Master Electricians membership by branches, with independent directors appointed by the Board.

Our rules

Master Electricians is governed by the rules of its incorporated society, the Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand (ECANZ). To view the latest version of the rules, see ECANZ Rules (PDF).