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Invest in your business and industry through training an apprentice

Training an apprentice paves the way for hardworking, loyal employees who understand the way you like things done and how your business operates. Increase efficiencies, profit and reduce the risk of re-work through training with the Electrical Training Company (Etco).

Why train an apprentice

There’s lots of reasons to why you’d take on and train an apprentice:

Expand and grow your business with an extra pair of hands, you might want to take on extra resource for a particular contract or project.
Secure staff and future proof your business by training someone the way you like things done and prepare a succession plan for the future.
Give back to the industry that has supported you and ensure industry sustainability.

How it works?

An apprenticeship is on-the-job training where you as the employer or host company will deliver the training onsite and your apprentice will be supported through Etco. There’s a number of different training options to fit how you like to train but you’ll need to be prepared to provide the time to train. Etco will also provide the resources, assessment, mentorship and deliver off-job training courses to ensure your apprentice meets the industry standards to become a qualified trades person.

How to take on an apprentice

Hosting: Take away the risk of employing an apprentice by becoming an Etco host employer. Etco arranges all the logistics of employing and onboarding the apprentice and partners with you throughout the apprenticeship.

Employing: Let Etco support your employed apprentices with both on and off-job training. Etco can facilitate the process for an employer and apprentice to complete a training agreement and qualification/programme schedule, call Etco today on 0800 ASK ETCO.

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