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If you become a member, everyone in your organisation can access these benefits

Our member benefits

1. Give your brand a competitive edge

Set your business apart and gain a competitive edge with the exclusive use of the Quality Assured Master Electricians brand. This represents your commitment to excellence and professionalism in the industry. By showing that you’re a Quality Assured Master Electrican, you demonstrate your commitment to quality and adherence to industry best practices. The brand’s recognition helps attract customers, strengthen relationships, and open doors to new business opportunities. Give your brand a boost by leveraging the exclusive use of the Quality Assured Master Electricians brand.

2. Have your say in the industry

We actively engage with government bodies, working groups, and other relevant parties to represent the interests of the electrical industry. We research proposed law changes and regulatory developments to stay informed and assess their potential impact. We then leverage our expertise to make informed and influential submissions on behalf of the industry and our members. Through our advocacy efforts, we aim to shape policies and regulations that promote the growth, safety, and success of the electrical industry while safeguarding the interests of our members.

3. Access to technical support

Whether you need a sounding board for ideas or a second opinion on a matter, we are here to help. If you require support during an EWRB (Electrical Workers Registration Board) investigation, we’re here to support you through the process. Our technical support services offer free assistance, including writing responses and providing client position statements. We are here for members to provide the guidance and expertise you need to navigate challenging situations effectively.

4. Access to wellbeing support

The Master Electricians Wellbeing Support In-Step Program is designed to provide comprehensive support for both members and their employees. Members and their employees can access FREE confidential counseling, educational materials, workshops, and a supportive community to address the unique challenges they face. The Wellbeing Support In-Step Program is Master Electricians’ commitment to supporting the overall wellbeing of their members and their employees alike.

5. Access health and safety support

Master Electricians health and safety support is designed to support members and their employees stay safe on-the-job. The Health and Safety resources, policies, guidelines and templates are designed to keep everyone safe and meet prescribed guidelines. Our support also includes newsletters and toolbox talk discussion topics, keeping members informed about best practices and emerging trends. This ensures that the entire team can contribute to improving health and safety. As part of the ongoing commitment to member support, Master Electricians will continue to introduce additional resources and initiatives in the future.

Furthermore, members now benefit from personalized one-on-one support through a dedicated Health and Safety Manager. This enhanced service aims to foster a culture of safety and wellbeing within the industry, ensuring that members have the necessary resources and assistance to keep everyone safe and well. Master Electricians remains dedicated to providing comprehensive support to their members in all aspects of health, safety, and wellbeing in the workplace.

6. Access to legal advice

Members gain access to a range of legal resources such as Terms of Trade and Construction Contracts templates which you can tailor for your business and free advice to address day-to-day legal enquiries. This can range from guidance on construction contracts, commercial matters, property issues, to dispute resolution services.

We support our members to navigate the complexities of legal requirements in the industry and owning a business. Whether it’s reviewing and drafting construction contracts, handling commercial transactions, addressing property-related concerns, or resolving disputes, members can gain access to quick general support through over-the-phone, online and downloadable resources

7. Save money through exclusive offers for members

Save thousands on things you need to run your business from our wide range of business supplies and discount programme partners

  • Job management software & apps
  • Hire equipment
  • Fuel card
  • Business Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Uniform/apparel supplies
  • Office & vehicle signage
  • Buying Group Discounts
  • Credit/debt management

8. Grow your business and upskill your people

We work with industry partners to produce meaningful information for members so that they can make informed business decisions and create a high performing and productive team. You have access to:

  • Human Resource documents, policies, procedures and advice
  • finance, administrative, and marketing tutorials
  • the Master Electricians’ wage and salary survey
  • calculate job charge out rates with the Know your Cost Calculator
  • discounts on upskilling and professional development though Etco.

How much our subscriptions costs

We offer three subscriptions based on how many electrical employees you have working at your company.


Electrical Employees


/month ex GST


Electrical Employees


/month ex GST


Electrical Employees


/month ex GST


Associate Membership*


/month ex GST

The associate membership is for people in the industry who aren’t Electrical Contractors, for example manufacturers or wholesalers.

As an associate member you are entitled to the same benefits as full members, except the right to vote at branch or national meetings.

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