The EWRB is consulting on these proposed changes that are expected to come into effect in April 2022. The changes affect five areas:

  1. refining the way limits of work are described across the full range of registration classes administered by the Board
  2. strengthening the existing registration criteria by making adherence to the Fit and Proper Person Policy a constant condition of holding a licence
  3. adjusting the registration requirements for Electrical Workers in a select few licence classes to clarify progression pathways and
  4. introducing 4 new endorsements: Mains Parallel Generation Systems, Supervision, Medical Cardiac Protected Electrical Area, and Hazardous Areas
  5. a qualified person will not be able to supervise trainees until two years post-registration

Our view

Master Electricians generally accepts the proposed changes to licencing and the tiered framework that’s been proposed. But we do have key concerns, namely:

  • the Fit and Proper Person Policy is subjective, and it is not defined how it would be utilised for the betterment of the industry
  • we do not agree with the proposed time frames for the implementation, two years would be preferable to get through two annual cycles of training
  • the supervision endorsement of two years will exacerbate the skill shortage in New Zealand. The EWRB’s supervision endorsement does not align with the attainment of the requisite skills to supervise trainees

What we want

  • a simplified structure for the limits of work for the various licences
  • clarification around how a Fit and Proper Person would be enforced
  • to strengthen the competence parameters around high-risk electrical work
  • to remove the supervision endorsement requirements.
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