ENTRIES OPEN - Master Electricians Excellence Awards


The Bay of Plenty region, particularly, has been experiencing waiting times for project and CIW approvals, especially from PowerCo. Delays are stretching from six weeks to six months.

These applications cover a whole range of projects, from larger jobs that require skilled engineering design to very simple jobs, such as changing fuse disconnects and getting approval for supply upgrades. These delays are having a serious effect on productivity and investment decisions for our members.

The Bay of Plenty region has had one billion dollars in building consents issued in 2021 but sadly the infrastructure is not keeping pace with this.

In some cases, businesses are installing generators to run new plant while awaiting approval from PowerCo so contractors can undertake works as required.

Our view

  • PowerCo doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to rectify these matters.
  • There is no feedback from them on the status of work requests.
  • There seems to be a lack of staff in this area to support the increase in activity.

What we want

  • To talk openly and frankly with PowerCo and other providers to ensure our concerns and those of our members are heard and actually listened to.
  • To have suppliers put in place a system where electrical contractors can actually see the real time status of their applications
  • To be able to escalate issues to the appropriate parties within PowerCo and know they will be actioned without penalty or consequences.


  • National Office and the ME Board Chair have had a successful opening conversation with PowerCo.
  • PowerCo have had a 360% increase in applications for subdivisions in the past eight years.
  • They acknowledge there have been challenges and they are working through where the gaps are in their business and how to address them.
  • They, and other providers, face skills shortages.
  • Master Electricians wants you to give us examples of instances where your applications have been considerably delayed so we can address these with PowerCo directly.
  • PowerCo is updating its website to make it easier for electrical contractors to access information.
  • They also want Master Electricians’ members to provide feedback on Stage II of their website update.
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