Thank you for entering the Master Electricians Apprentice Challenge 2023.

The Master Electricians Apprentice Challenge 2023 is about giving apprentices an opportunity to further develop their skills, try new things, and learn something new.  You will face things you are familiar with and things you’ve never seen before.  Everyone who is competing is in the same boat – whether they are a first year or fourth year apprentice – the important thing is you give it a try.

Throughout the day you will compete in four modules, each of which is designed to test your abilities in certain areas of the trade this will including problem solving, following instructions and physical build.

This information sheet will provide you with all the information you need to know for your day of competition.  Please make sure you read all pages.

What to bring:

Each competitor must provide the following tools for their own use during the challenge. Basic hand tools including: a multimeter, screwdrivers, pliers, measuring equipment, sockets/spanners, and anything you wish to use for general terminations.

It is recommended to bring your own Insulation Resistance Tester, however there are limited testers available on the day. All specialist tools that are required to complete tasks will be provided.

Personal Protective Equipment:

All competitors must always provide and wear their own personal protective equipment during the challenge according to the below list. You will be judged on your safe working practices.

You are expected to bring your own:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Safety Boots
  • Safety Gloves
  • Long sleeves are recommended.

Dress Code

The challenge is open to the public, so it is important for you to project a favourable image. You are not only representing yourself, but your company, and the electrical industry. You should wear something that is practical and is acceptable for a customer to have you into their home or business.

Family, friends & colleagues

We invite you to extend an invitation to your employer/host, your whanau and friends, and anyone who may be interested to come along and watch all (or part) of the competition – they are very welcome to join us at any time during the day.

Need to contact us?

Email us at or contact: 

  • Quintin Brake
    • Challenge Project Manager: Technical
    • 021 914 818
  • Libby Carson
    • Challenge Manager
    • 027 269 3939

Time table for the day

7:30am – Venue Opens
8:00am – Apprentices arrive, sign in
8:15am – Judgest briefing
8:30am – Round 1 Commences
9:30am – Break/Marking time/Reset modules
10:00am – Round 2 Commences
11:00am – Break/Marking time/Reset modules
11:30am – Round 3 Commences
12:30pm – Lunch/Marking time/Reset modules
SimPro module
1:30pm – Round 4 Commences
2:30pm – Break/Marking time/Reset modules
3:00pm – Prize giving/Drinks & Nibbles

Note: Times are subject to change

SimPRO Module

This year we are introducing a new interactive module that all competitors can participate in.

In preparation for the Master Electricians Apprentice Challenge 2023 competition in your area, please download the SimPRO Mobile app on your device and further instructions will be provided at the competition.

Please make sure you have your device fully charged before arrival at the competition.  We will have free wi-fi available for you to use.

If you do NOT have a device or are unable to bring one with you, please advise us prior to arrival at the competition so we can arrange a device for you.



If you are competing in the Domestic/Commercial Section, it is recommended you research and prepare on the following components.

  • Retrofitting existing installation and commissioning of Schneider Electric Wiser Switching Equipment.
  • Calculations to select correct cables or access to software such as the First Flex, ‘FIRSTCALC’ app.
  • Wiring of NHP distribution Switchgear and emergency lighting test switches
  • Testing and identifying of various faults in a domestic and commercial distribution and control circuitry.
  • Wiring and commissioning of Legrand Excel Life Switching Equipment.


If you are competing in the Industrial Section, it is recommended you research and prepare on the following components.

  • Conduit and mini-trunking systems, including bending and mitre jointing.
  • Cable jointing systems, including power, control, and data cabling.
  • Calculations – To select correct cables or access to software such as the First Flex, ‘FIRSTCALC’
  • Wiring of single and 3 phase motor starters.
  • Testing and identifying of various faults in Industrial motors and starting equipment.
  • Familiar with the installation and wiring of Siemens S7-1200 PLC using Siemens TIA Basic Software, and Siemens G120C variable Speed Drives.
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