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Potential to Support Etco Apprentices

May 30 2024

Off the back of ETCO’s decision earlier this week to suspend applications for new apprentices, and based on feedback we have seen from effected trainee electricians, we wanted to reach out to our members to gauge interest and capacity in taking on new apprentices. Effected ETCO apprentices, who are currently working their way through their qualifications, may need our support on finding suitable new placements to ensure they can complete their qualifications and add value to our industry. Master Electricians is pleased to see that there is an increase in people studying to be Electricians and it would be a shame to see a vital skillset shortage become a problem in the near future.

From our understanding, challenges due to the economic downtown have meant that despite ETCO’s best efforts, there is currently an excess of apprentices than jobs available (in particular the Northern and Central regions) where they are most acutely seeing the lack of demand.

Apprentices directly impacted by this process and who will cease employment with ETCO can still finish their studies if they are able to successfully find an employer to complete their on-the-job training. 

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